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Solutions for international, national and regional directors looking to progress their careers through advancement or targeting different companies.


For global corporations, there is almost certainly going to be an international dimension by managing sales functions for designated global regions such as EMEA, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Other sales directors may manage individual countries on a national scale (i.e. UAE sales director) or cover more than one country within a wider sales region. Whatever the roles and responsibilities of sales directors, we cater for different scenarios and offer a range of solutions to make candidates stand out from the competition.


The sales director is largely responsible for overseeing performance, sales operations, teams and tactical planning across specific geographical areas, whether on an international, national or regional scale. There is often a strong element of strategy, business development and driving sales growth by creating opportunities and delivering a strong sales pipeline. Sales directors are often very much in tune with the market they are operating in, with substantial industry expertise, specialist knowledge and extensive contacts to be able to build sales networks and geographical coverage. With this, sales directors will continually analyze markets to understand key drivers, find opportunities, enter new markets (geographical expansion) identify risk factors and respond to changing competition influences.


Sales directors invariably lead teams, mentor talented individuals and strengthen capabilities to optimize sales functions. Sales directors are also clearly focused on client relationship building, managing sales lifecycles, key account management, pre-sales consultancy (technical bid proposals), go-to-market plans, developing sales / distribution networks and driving profitable growth to ensure long-term viability of companies. These are just some of the attributes we would expect sales directors to possess and more importantly need to convey when targeting specific job roles or employers.Sales leadership and job profiles covered include: International Sales Director; UAE Sales Director; National Sales Director; Regional Sales Director; Global Sales Director.

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