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Aimed at leading boardroom executives and talented individuals of large / renowned global corporations; senior executives of prestigious brands, high profile organizations and leading global companies listed on major stock markets worldwide.


Our services are designed for top earners and business leaders. 



The Senior Executive Profile Service targets top-level executives with exceptional leadership and corporate strategy credentials to successfully operate at the highest level. Such customers are established boardroom executives and high earners with Chief Officer or Head of in job titles.




SENIOR EXECUTIVE PROFILE At B7 Consultancy, we have expertly written profiles to gain the attention of executive headhunters, employers and wider business contacts, covering Chief Officer and Functional Head (leadership) positions for Marketing, Operations, Commercial, Strategy, Technology, Finance, Human Resources and Sales, etc.


Senior Executive Profile Examples: Chief Finance Officer CV; Chief Operating Officer CV; Chief Technology Officer CV; Chief Commercial Officer CV; Chief Marketing Officer CV;


Functional Head Examples: Head of Programme Management; Head of Marketing CV; Head of Sales; Head of Business Development; Head of Strategy CV; Head of Human Resources; Head of Finance CV; Head of Investor Relations; Head of Operations CV; Company Secretary.

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