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Designed for directors overseeing business-critical operations of a company, including manufacturing plants, production facilities, supply chain, logistics, transport, warehousing and distribution.


Overall, operations directors need to show the ability to integrate these elements into a seamless process by coordinating different activities to facilitate the production, supply chain and onward distribution of goods to customers. This often includes a strong element of continuous improvement, optimizing performance and monitoring KPI metrics. The nature, scope and scale of operations will vary enormously between companies, so it is necessary to convey key drivers and core competencies that underpin operations director resumes to increase potential job opportunities.


Operations directors must relate to a constantly complex global operating environment as competition can be far and wide, even if operating within a limited geographical area. Understanding latest best practice, operational risks and benchmarking competitors are often crucial, especially for improving capabilities and managing changing requirements.Leading operational teams, managing key projects, applying methodologies (i.e. Kanban; 5S; Six Sigma; Lean) and effective planning are key to delivering productivity enhancements, greater efficiencies and cost reduction. Improving performance, process controls, analyzing KPI metrics and ongoing reporting are also integral to these roles for achieving operational excellence.


Depending on the company, operations directors often have additional responsibilities for company procurement, supplier sourcing and managing supplier relationships (includes supply selection and performance). There may be a requirement for conducting investment appraisals (new plants), implementing capital investments (i.e. new production lines and equipment) and working with R&D teams to scale-up production capabilities for new products. These are just some of aspects we consider when writing an operations director CV.

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