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Offers solutions for Managing Directors and general managers of businesses or operating companies.


For larger entities, managing directors usually report directly to the executive board and influence decisions affecting the wider company. There is often a proven track record of career progression, executive decision-making and professional development, whilst demonstrating excellent commercial, financial, business and industry awareness to build capabilities, analyze precise detail and deliver tangible results. These are just some elements we consider when dealing with managing director scenarios.


Managing directors often have well-developed strategy, leadership and financial skills to manage different business requirements. This includes understanding key drivers, identifying business requirements, setting priorities and being responsible for defining integrated business strategies. There is the ability to influence all areas of the business, develop talented teams, build relationships with stakeholders and work closely with major clients to deliver growth, high performance and further opportunities. Another attribute is the ability to take tough decisions, troubleshoot problems and have clear direction (vision) to lead companies through different phases, notably growth strategies, turnaround plans or periods of extensive change.


These are just some aspects we look at when evaluating scenarios and working closely with managing director customers to create an optimal solution. We align core competencies to key drivers that underpin managing director or general manager roles as well as looking at ways to elevate positioning towards executive board-level opportunities or ready for a new challenge. Typically, it takes 5-7 working days to go through everything thoroughly and create a high quality marketing document. For insights into how we approach managing director resumes.

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