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Caters to directors involved in international, national and regional roles depending on the nature, size and scope of company.


Business development directors must have a proven track record, excellent achievements and the ability to create opportunities in challenging markets to help maximize profitable growth over the long-term. Exceptional people, relationship building, influencing and negotiation skills are essential requirements, often engaging with clients and strategic partners at C-level. These are just some key elements we look at when writing a business development director profile.


Every company looks towards driving profitable growth, hence business development directors are often integral to this process by defining strategies, strengthening capabilities, leading teams, analyzing market factors and devising capture plans to deliver a strong sales pipeline. Includes tactical responses according to local market characteristics, go-to-market plans, lead generation, targeting strategies and working in an international environment (cultural awareness; local market regulations) to build sales and distribution networks across global regions.


Another element is the ability to respond to RFP requests by developing technical bid proposals, presenting to key decision-makers and effective negotiation skills to win new business. The ability to influence people at the highest levels within client organizations is an essential requirement, especially when it comes to negotiating substantial contracts. Business development directors may work for global corporations or smaller national or regional companies covering diverse industry sectors, though we cater for diverse circumstances and scenarios.

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