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Designed for those reaching the very highest levels of global corporations, large international organizations and / or well-known brands.


Our Chief Executive Profile service covers CEOs, Company Presidents or Company Vice-Presidents from leading companies operating in diverse sectors, global markets or niche segments. We offer a range of options covering different scenarios at the very highest level.


B7 consultancy has an excellent reputation for managing expectations to create CEO Profiles worthy of the status, leadership and expertise required to succeed in such high profile roles. We have worked with business leaders, Company CEOs and senior executives from the world’s most prestigious global brands.




Our CEO Profiles seek to differentiate Company Chief Executives by identifying key drivers, core competencies and extra dimensions likely to make candidates stand out from the competition. As a result, CEO Profiles require added time, attention and evaluation to carefully refine the overall strategy, core message and positioning of the CV to correctly engage with executive headhunters or senior executives of the targeted corporation. It is very much about conveying the right ‘strategic fit’ for the hiring company, so it is about what the individual can bring to the organization (personal and leadership qualities) as much as showcasing clear achievements, track record, specialist knowledge and expertise.




At B7 Consultancy we guide executives through a considered process to help define exceptional leadership qualities, outstanding strategic capabilities, influencing skills (complex stakeholder relationships), specific expertise (specialist knowledge), effective decision-making, financial management and commercial acumen. These are areas where we would reasonably expect CEOs to add considerable value to any organization, amongst other elements depending on the job specification requirements. Overall, companies are looking for a figurehead to shape long-term strategy, a proven leader to get the most out of its resources and someone who can deliver results in challenging global operating environments – our Chief Executive Profile Service aims to achieve these objectives in a bespoke-written Profile.




For CEOs, Company Presidents and Vice-Presidents, we strongly recommend a Combined Chief Executive Profile and LinkedIn Service to benefit from a consistent approach, but to also ensure an effective online presence to help extend networks, contacts and opportunities. The Combined Service gives better value for money (save), whilst taking away uncertainties surrounding CEO Resumes and LinkedIn profiles. We also offer Executive Career Management Solutions for those requiring extra guidance, mentoring and consultancy. Invest with a Chief Executive Profile (and optional LinkedIn service) from B7 Consultancy.

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