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GOLD & DIAMOND PARK, a treasure trove of some of the world’s finest jewellery, gemstones, precious stones, gold, silver, platinum and high-end personal accessories, 

Established in 2011, and a treasure trove of some of the world’s finest jewellery, gemstones, precious stones, gold, silver, platinum and high-end personal accessories, Gold & Diamond Park consistently draws residents and tourists in enthusiastic numbers.


With its exceptionally convenient location on Sheikh Zayed Road, it is a phenomenon that must be seen to be believed. Jewellery and bullion worth millions can be admired, reviewed and purchased everywhere you turn, and customers can even choose to have their own designs custom-made at the hands of superbly skilled and experienced artisans. And with over 90 leading retailers and brands to choose from, a truly diverse range of options is yours for the asking.


A unique and thoughtful combination of not merely retail space but also 118 purpose-built manufacturing blocks, Gold & Diamond Park presents an advantageous proposition to jewellers and businesspeople in search of premium commercial leasing opportunities, including 350 offices.


A courtyard and a selection of cafés and restaurants are perfect for mid-shopping breaks and casual conversation, while the surprising diversity of stores that extend beyond jewellery is a welcome addition to the luxury of being in the glittering heart of Dubai.



1. Manufacturing: SIZE 333 sq.ft. - 1,900 sq.ft.

The selection and quality of products available at the Gold & Diamond Park is like nowhere else in the globe and customers are most welcome to commission their very own designs, taking advantage of the skills and experience of the leading artisans in the world.

2. Offices: SIZE 500 sq.ft. - 5,000 sq.ft.

Having earned a reputation as one of the region’s leading tourist destinations, Gold & Diamond Park continues to progress from strength to strength, effectively providing a premium address and a commerce-friendly ecosystem to all the businesses that operate here.

3. Retail: SIZE 1,000 sq.ft - 7,000 sq.ft.

Gold & Diamond Park serves as a vital link between jewellery shoppers and retailers, and is Dubai’s preeminent destination for precious metals and gems, as well as craftsmanship that rivals the world’s finest. Jewellery brands enjoy unique benefits that enhance their business initiatives, such as exposure to discerning clientele, purpose-built workshop areas and secure store spaces, while non-jewellery retailers and food & beverage outlets benefit from the tourist and resident traffic that the mall attracts seven days a week.

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