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DUBAI SOUTH is a fully integrated ecosystem suited to every business and industry, a city of 145 sq. kms. 

Dubai South is a fully integrated ecosystem suited to every business and industry. Being a city of 145 sq. kms, Dubai South has the critical mass to sustain a broad, innovative and flourishing platform that supports every conceivable enterprise and industry in the most strategic location in Dubai – a vital connecting point between East and West.


Dubai South –The City of You – is an emerging 145 sq. km. master-planned city based on happiness of the individual.

Identified as the emirate's flagship urban project, Dubai South is centered on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The royal vision is reflected in the themes of Dubai Plan 2021, which apply to Dubai South as follows.

  • To become a city of happy, creative and empowered people

  • To become the preferred place to live, work and invest

  • To create an inclusive and cohesive society

  • To build a smart and sustainable city

  • To become a pivotal hub in the global economy


Dubai South is projected to sustain a population of a million. As an economic platform, it is designed to support every conceivable kind of business and industry and create 500,000 jobs.

It is home to the world's largest airport in the making – the Al Maktoum International Airport – and is host landmark events such as World Expo 2020 and the Dubai Airshow.

Launched as a Government of Dubai project in 2006, Dubai South is easily accessed from downtown Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


The Business Centre at Dubai South is expertly designed to facilitate the growth of every business from start-ups to SMEs. Offering complete turnkey business services and cost effective office solutions it is perfectly aligned to suit global business needs.



  1. Branch: A Branch is a representative office of a legal entity which already exists outside of the DWC Free Zone (local or international). A Branch does not have a separate legal personality, and it derives its power and authority from the parent entity. A Branch must have a General Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Branch, but it will not have a board of directors or company secretary. A Branch must retain the same name as the parent entity and end with the designation (Branch)

  2. Limited Liability Company (LLC): A DWC Limited Liability Company is a new legal entity with its own legal personality. The liability of its members (shareholders) is limited to the value of the share capital they hold in the company. A DWC limited liability company must have Shareholders, Directors, a Company Secretary and a General Manager, and will have the designation DWC-LLC.



Dubai South is your preferred gateway to the emerging and dynamic markets of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia – a region with a GDP projected to reach $12.8 trillion by 2022-23.


Anchoring yourself at Dubai South enables you to enjoy proximity to Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port and the Al Maktoum International Airport, the world’s largest airport in the making, giving your business the superior edge in terms of time saved and significant reduction in operational costs.
Our Logistics Corridor, running across a 200km sq. custom bonded zone, connects air, land and sea, setting a new global standard for goods handling – 4 hours from sea to air.



At Dubai South, you will find the ideal integrated urban ecosystem that enables your business to make significant savings with regard to time and money.


As a self-sustained and integrated city, we are able to provide you with a wide range of offerings to suit your unique needs:

1. A selection of thriving industries ranging from the aviation industry to retail, hospitality, food and beverage all the way to education and information technology.

2. A versatile range of products customized to fit your needs, such as shell & core, fitted-out, and custom built offices spaces, industrial facilities and commercial buildings for lease or rent.



Free Economic Zones at Dubai South offer foreign investors – the entrepreneur, the SME, or the MNC – unparalleled benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, repatriation of capital and profits, free transfer of funds and exemption of import and export duties.

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