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The foundations of any successful business start with

the Principles of Innovation and Evolution.



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B7 Training & Development offers a full range of people based training courses and development programmes.


Our Coaches are well known as leaders in their field providing comprehensive range of quality, cost effective and personalised courses and solutions to organisations.


B7 is the gateway to abundance of talent and expertise. The training we provide comes grounded in real-world experience.

Our Trainings are tailored to meet the individual needs of participants to help them compete with the ever-changing demand of their industry.



  • Broad range of subjects.

  • Flexible training to suit the needs of any organisation.

  • Companies can choose the type of delivery required (open workshops or bespoke packages).

  • Select the location (on-site or at a local venue).

  • Trainings are up to date, relevant and delivered by the highest calibre Coaches.

  • Wide industry coverage.

  • Advise on developing a tailored training package.

  • Flexible tailored ‘In House’ training.

  • A ‘hands-on’ approach to “learn by doing."

  • Customised courses to match specific training needs.

  • Our courses ensure that the trainees are able to perform useful skills that they understand.




The quality of our programs is constantly benchmarked and reviewed against international standards, best practices in the industry, and following research and development trends.

We carry the expertise and industry contacts required to provide our clients with effective training solutions relevant to today’s competitive market place. At the heart of all our courses is the desire to promote and instill a culture of training and professional development. Our aim is to help our clients improve the sustainability of their businesses, whilst supporting the development of the industry as a whole.

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The foundation of any successful business starts with the principles of innovation and evolution. 

We deliver practical consultancy to our clients and putting the latest procedures into practice whilst training their people.

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