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Young Couples


Life and Career Caching for the Young Adults (18-35 years Old)

Service Description


0% Judgment. 100% Unbiased.


You, the YOUNG ADULTS (18-35 years old) have far higher rates of depression, anxiety, and mental health concerns than previous generations. The struggle with independence, extended adolescents, failure to launch, life and career direction, and problems finding satisfying employment – can feel like you're stuck in a never-ending rollercoaster.


Your Coach can help You develop life skills and learn how to manage stresses that come along the way. Your Coach can give You the chance to vent freely and confidentially about anything that aggravates You. This may include school, work, and family life, friends or anything else that happens in your mind.


Benefits of Young Adults Coaching:

  • PERSEVERANCE: Conquer perfectionism that may result into procrastination and avoidance.

  • CONFIDENCE: Get over self-sabotage; poor self-esteem and low self-value by developing a healthy and accurate sense of self and identity, and sorting out what’s holding you back to be your best-self.

  • OWNERSHIP: Taking more responsibility by making yourself accountable and then forgiving yourself.

  • ADULT-ING: Progressing into an independent and responsible adult to be able to deal with confusing career direction, finding your first job, adjusting to full time employment, underemployment or unemployment, and lack of life skills.

  • HAPPINESS: Feel a deep sense of pride and purpose in your life by decreasing psychological, emotional, and identity issues, and increasing your physical wellness.

  • RELATIONSHIP: Understand and express yourself and emotions more clearly to improve your ability to keep and maintain friendships and relationships. Be more capable in dealing with conflicts and finding solutions by increasing your social skills and decreasing your social anxiety and awkwardness.

  • A VISION FOR THE FUTURE: Find a sense of meaning and calling in your life. Improve your clarity and understanding of your goals and why they are important to you. Your Coach can help you discover your purpose and passion for career and life, improve your skills and strategies to make changes stick, thus, providing you with an opportunity to author your own life story. A life more accomplished, fun, and full of adventure.


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