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About us

B7 COACH is a subsidy of B7 Consultancy, a company of B7 Group in the UAE.





18 years in Executive Search; matching calibre to the right opportunity.


On daily basis, we are approached for Consultations and Coaching and it can be flattering yet overwhelming. Though we can effectively perform and be happy to do it, we just don’t have the time. And that is how B7 Coach was conceived. 


We thought, let’s give time to people who need Coaching, build a Team to do just that, and make the prices reasonable so it can reach EVERYONE.


And, here we are, B7 COACH is here. Our aim is to help YOU:


  • Establish and take action towards achieving your goals,

  • Improve, develop, and learn new skills,

  • Guide and aid you in your career setbacks,

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments,

  • Find personal successes and achieve dreams,

  • Manage life changes and personal challenges,

  • Identify your strengths,

  • Define short and long-term goals. 

Behind every world-class Athlete, there’s a world-class Coach.

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